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Our strategic planning process

By Michael Brennan
President & COO of Bramco


Our Company continues to utilize a strategic planning process to help guide the direction and allocation of resources of the organization. Every three years, we take a deeper dive into the future needs of our customers, changes in the industry and opportunities to move our business forward. During the summer and fall of 2019, we conducted many interviews with our customers, key suppliers and other stakeholders to help shape the future direction and allocation of resources of the Company. 

As a result of this strategic planning process, there were several consistent themes as follows:

·      Customers continue to look towards distributors for expanded service support due to the growing complexity of equipment and difficulties in hiring and training technicians.

·     The rental industry continues to be a growing and important portion of the market.  Long-term success in our business will require a strong rental operation.

·      We need to continue to be a leading Komatsu distributor. Also, the Road Development business will continue to be growing and we need to see even more success with the Wirtgen product line.

·      The used equipment market is robust and growing and we should increase our participation in that business.


Based upon all our meetings, research and discussions, the following were recently developed as our strategic plan objectives for 2020 – 2022:

(1)   Increase our service business.

(2)   Increase our parts business (in conjunction with the growth of service).

(3)   Increase our Certified Rental business.

(4)   Increase and maintain a strong market position with Komatsu.

(5)   Increase and maintain a strong market position with The Wirtgen Group.

(6)   Increase our used equipment business.


Over the next few months and years, we will be developing and implementing numerous strategies and action plans to allow us to achieve these objectives.  A key component of our plans and successes will be a sharp focus on enhancing our customer service culture rooted in the Bramco Way. We look forward to further sharing our plans in more detail with all employees and encourage the active involvement of everyone in continuing to move our business forward.