SKYCATCH is a one of a kind solution, enabling quick data collection without sacrificing accuracy, as well as the ability to immediately process the data from the field. What once took days can now completed in hours!  

The SKYCATCH High Precision Package is a full stack solution that contains the Explore1 GCP-free UAV, the Edge1 integrated GNSS base station and edge compute module, and the Data Viewer, an online data visualization and analysis tool. This is all packaged into one, commercial grade kit for rapid aerial data collection, processing, and analysis.

This comprehensive solution allows a user to fly, collect site data, and process in-field without needing to find internet, cellular, or network connectivity with the Edge1 integrated base station and edge computer. This can deliver 2D maps and 3D point clouds in about 30 minutes or less, site depending.

The addition of SKYCATCH to the Positioning Solutions group offerings, adds to the mission to provide complete end to end solution for customers to leverage the benefits of a seamlessly integrated job site. From pre-construction survey mapping, project coordination & monitoring to completion by offering the latest in technology with tailored consultations for unique site needs. 

The Brandeis and Power Positioning Solutions group offers the SKYCATCH solution for sale or as a professional service to best fit the needs of our customers. To dig deeper into the SKYCATCH solution, visit their Web site at 

See SKYCATCH in Action - Power Equipment - New Nashville Branch